Wii & GC website you need to know ! 2.1

Hi ! I try to reference as much site as possible about Wii and GameCube, to draw a map of active and inactive communities and available resources . Can you help me find more ? :)
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General Resources (not focus on wii only)

General Video Game forum
  • [GBATEMP] Video games forums, with a focus on consoles and consoles hack. Against Piracy
  • [] (FR) Famous french forum about video games.
  • [] (EN) (GE) Forum about Wii, wii u and other nintendo games consoles. Administrate by Wiimm, Leseratte and others.
Other multi-console resources (somewhat related to wii)
  • [Wiimms personal site] (GE) Wiimms site about wii and 3ds game modding.
  • [WiiDatabase] (GE) Nintendo console modding.
  • [Wii-Info] (FR) Console/smartphone hacking. Mainly wii. Still active but a lot of out of date tutorial in the tutorial section, like this one
  • [Wii SceneBeta] (ES) Console/smartphone hacking. Still active. Their soft wii hacking tutorial seem more or less up to date (did'nt read all of it) but it is VERY verbose. They may have interesting tutorial, in particular old tutorial about hardmod wii hacking with special chip which I had never saw before... Wii hard-hacking is totaly out of date in 2019 btw.
  • [GameTDB] Games database for deatail info about Nintendo games (and PS3)
Hardware Guides
  • [iFixit Teardow] Guide for dissasembling your consoles and replacing any component.
  • [SOSav Teardown] Guide for dissasembling your consoles and replacing any component.
Wii-GC resources
Hacks Guide
  • [Wii] General purpose subreddit. Homebrew tolerate. Against piracy
  • [WiiHacks] About Hacks and modding. Against piracy.
Computer tools
  • [Wiimm's iso tools (wit)] Very complete advance CLI tools for manipulating wii iso and wbfs under Linux Mac and Windows. For graphical user interfaces, see the section about GUI on main page.
  • [Wii backup manager] Popular wbfs manager for Windows, the link seem to be the official site but I can not access it. It may be incompatible with some web browser.
  • [ModMii] Automated Wii modding, with modMii chosen softwares. For Windows.
Custom Servers and internet Services
  • [Wiimmfi] Wi-Fi connection replacement for wii and ds online service. (see
  • [RiiConnect24] WiiConnect24 replacement (online service for nintendo channel and wii mail). Work over Wiimmfi. (see
Operating System
  • [GC Linux] Porting the Linux kernel to the GameCube and the Wii, which enable portage of PowerPC linux distribution
  • [WiiBrew Wiki] Wiki about Wii homebrew and hardware. Their anti-piracy policy is too strong. It lead them not talking about usb loaders, and dumping utility (which are legal).
  • [GCforever] Wiki about GameCube homebrew and hardware.
  • [Complete Softmod Guide] See Hacks Guide section
  • [Homebrew channel] Official site for the Wii Homebrew Channel. Not to be confuse with Homebrew Launcher for the 3ds. Does anyone know how they are related ? Does anyone succeed to connect to their IRC on EFnet ?
  • [HackMii] Blog about wii retro engineering. No news since the hbc opensource release the 22/11/2016.
  • [WiiFlow wiki] The wiki about WiiFlow and WiiFlowLite, two USB loaders.
  • [NewoGame] Homebrew Games develop by Owen for wii
Custom roms
  • [Custom MarioKart WiiKi] Wiki referencing anything about customizing mariokart, and custom mariokart iso.
  • [Wimm ct archive] Archives for custom tracks and track list for various MK modded distribution. Make sure to take a look at the Wiimm Mariokart Fun distribution here and on the wiki ;)
  • [CTGP-R] Another popular and more competition oriented custom mariokart. WBFS can not be build. Against piracy (can not be launch without DVD).
  • [ProjectM] Unofficial website is the active community. The official site claim to have cease the development.
  • [Smash Bros Legacy] Home for 3 popular ROM inspire by projectM : "LegacyTE" "LegacyXP" and "LegacyXP Lite". Still active project wit a very active Discord. WBFS can not be build. Can be launch without DVD via their own dedicated usb loader.
  • [Project+] Another continuation of project M. IDK if it is still active or not.
New SuperMarioBros
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