• I know, at this point its damn near impossible that its fake.Before you go to the comments and start saying that im wrong, im no developer or have worked on tlou.With that out of the way, i'll share some discrepancies that I found with the leak.First off, by looking at screenshots of the leak, the leaker is using (as far as I could tell) 3 different builds of the game.Some are dated feb 29th 2020, While the other is dated march 19 2020.There's also a third build that's dated April 4th.If this was leaked by a fired naughty dog employee, then why would they have access to a build that is very recent as of this writing.My final mismatch of sorts was that in the video ( I think it was a re upload) there was a Windows 10 taskbar.Why would this game be running on pc? As far as i'm aware there is no ps4 emulator that can remotely emulate the ps4.Yes, I know there were rumors that the last of us was on pc, but this was back in I think January. So yeah, those are my reasons to think that its fake.Before you start saying that it's damn near impossible that it's fake, just know, this was all speculation
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