morvoran Just for the few uninitiated people on here who confuse blogposts for threads, these are my opinions/facts I found on the internet/ravings. This is not intended to start a debate, but rather, to inform on why I think the way I do. If you want to debate, take it to the politics section and create a new thread. I will allow comments, but any that are only to shit-post, attack, insult, or just to be hateful will be deleted. I welcome your opinions but respect mine.

Why I stand behind the US President and his administration, and why I feel the left is wrong to hate him.

If you watch any late night talk shows, tune into main stream media channels, visit mainstream news websites (other than Fox News), or even when you relax and enjoy your favorite comic book or tv show, you'll will, more likely than not, be inundated with leftist viewpoints and/or outright attacks on right-wing values. This matter has come to the point where I no longer watch tv anymore due to my values being assaulted constantly by those in charge of our entertainment.

I can understand why a lot of millennials, "free spirited" individuals, and foreigners can think Trump and the right are evil, racist, xenophobic, etc. They are constantly being fed the same lies about how they should think and feel, all day and night, over and over again, until they start to believe it so much that any ideas that oppose the ideals they have bought into, is totally wrong and only means to destroy them.
I have had discussions with people who are so brainwashed in the left's viewpoints, that they absolutely refuse to agree with anything on the right. Even if Trump would come out and say "air is good, everyone should enjoy it and breath it in", these people would hold their breath till they die rather than let Trump be correct about something in their mind. A lot of untruths told about Trump can be easily contradicted with a simple internet search such as the "he said all mexicans are rapist...." lie.

The truth is that if anybody who thinks the Republicans/Conservatives are racist, evil, hateful, anti-any groups, etc would take a few minutes to actually look at the policies of the Democrats from the Jim Crow laws and all the up to how they would rather take care of illegal immigrants before helping US citizens, you might wonder, for a change, what the Democrats are actually all about and who their best interests are out to help. Take some more time to actually think up a policy the left has created since Trump took office to help anybody that does not involve trying to impeach the president.
Another issue I have with the left is the fact that a lot of them will not support the president of the USA regardless if they like him or not (which I find funny figuring everybody loved Trump before he started to run for president). The media has even assaulted his tariff policies to the point they were close to causing a recession with their rhetoric even though our economy is the strongest it's been in decades, just ask Jim Cramer.

I don't even want to go into the whole "Russia scandal" and "Trumps a russian spy" nonsense. You all should know how this turned out and how much time/money was wasted on this. Let alone, the whole "impeach Trump" fiasco that is still going on. Imagine if the House democrats spent that time and effort on actual policies and getting things done. Too bad this will most likely go on for another 5 years.

Now, I'm not saying the right side of the aisle will create a Heaven on earth with rainbows, butterflies, and unicorns running all over. They also have a few policies I disagree with as well, but that is not the topic of this blogpost.

Just to start on why I support Trump, here are some of his accomplishments so far in his presidency as of this blogpost:

Warning: Spoilers inside!

I know, some of you who think Trump can do no good will think to yourself or post a nasty comment about how these are lies, they never happened, or "but, but, but Don Lemon/Rachel Maddow/Trevor Noah/Steven Colbert told me Trump does nothing good". Just keep in mind that if these were lies, the left wing media would attack them constantly in order to have them removed from the site.

Like I said in my first blog, I didn't like Trump at first. I thought he was just a reality tv/business man who just thought of himself. I wasn't sure why he was running as a republican as he was a staunch liberal for many years who even supported the Clintons during their time in office. With just the attacks I noticed, I always wondered why he would want to stay president with all this hate towards him. I know I would quit my job if I took half of the crap people were throwing at him.

After realizing just how much the left was attacking him for nonsense stuff like his hair, his kids, how many people shown up at his inauguration, fake news about him saying racist things, etc along with the fact that even his republican colleagues were attacking him, I started looking at his policies. I was surprised at how much he was actually working towards making "America great again" and getting things done. Now fast forward to today, with the economy being better than ever, unemployment being at all time lows for everyone including POC's, and the fact that he is actually building an effective wall ("Oh, the wall is going up!!!"), I just don't see how anybody can be against him and his administration.

To end this, I will just say that, we should all support him regardless if you hate him or love him because he is our president, he is making this country great, and he is going to win in 2020.
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