• I have been playing GTA since 2003-ish I think and started with GTA3 and heavily installed all kind of crazy mods, since I played it on a windows PC. (I did still use windows back then :sad:) With some tutorials I got through it with 100% completion! And if I remember correctly I did the same with Vice City and possibly San Andreas. When GTA 4 finally came out I played it A LOT on my PS3 which I bought specifically to play it actually! :D....though I never got passed the bank heist mission that took a full 30 minutes each and every attempt!! so I gave up :shy:;)

    When it was time for GTA 5 I got it almost the same day it came out on the PS3 and played it many hours too. Due to many reasons I did not have as much time to play then though, and I have no idea how far I actually got through it really...it was not that far. I do think I got to the point where Trevor found Micheal in Los Santos maybe...

    Anyway, when I got a insanely fast desktop PC that got handle GTA 5 at full graphics settings maxed out in 2016....I got the steam version. A year or two later I got a "second mini game PC" for those few times friends or family came over. Did not want them to mess up my save games....so second steam account and bought GTA 5 again as you can not share that one. It was a little cheaper during a sale but no idea how much it was. Then I got a massive flu (2018) and was stuck at home for 2-3 weeks. Not able to work but bored with TV I played through most of GTA again on that second account. Further than I had ever been in the missions!

    Even with my general dislike for anything from Microsoft....I did eventually look into the Xbox 360 as the hardware intrigued me for homebrew. Same CPU architecture as the wii but more powerful graphics and more RAM, etc...And since my cousin was upgrading to a Xbox one we came to an agreement that I would get her old Xbox 360 and a bunch of games with it! :D Not GTA 5 though but I got that easily and really cheap from a used game store. Unfortunalty the battery pack of the controller is terrible and it dies in like less than 2 hours! That could be solved in other ways but it did made me lose interest in the machine pretty quickly. I have played GTA5 on it only for maybe 3 hours to got over the first few missions.

    Nope, not there yet! :rofl2:

    Then I REALLY wanted Disney Plus at the end of 2019 for some reason but none of my devices were "compatible" with it....commercial bullsh*t if you ask me!:angry: But it did make me finally jump into PS4 gaming and got a great deal and bunch of games on black friday of 2019! Played more Need For Speed Heat than GTA 5 at first though as that is more my thing...and did complete NFS heat after a few months. Now how about GTA then?? Well...for most of 2020 my PS4 was not even connected to the TV!! Then a couple of months ago I decided to pick it up again...might have been around the time I had to renew PSN or the second season of mandalorean got out. Not sure, hahaha:lol:

    So I have played it a few days..maybe a week...and it was just sitting there again. Doing nothing!! Until last week that is!! Reason was in part that Star Trek Lower Decks was on Prime Video now and watched it all in a day or two...hahaha. that I finally picked up on GTA 5 again! And this time I decided to actually STICK TO IT and finally finish it! At least once now!!!

    So this is my list of "known" copies of this game:
    - PS3
    - PC 1 (steam)
    - PC 2 (steam)
    - XBOX 360
    - PS4 (disc)
    - PS4 (digital)

    While writing the list I realized I also have the PS4 digital version now...so I do not have to put the disc in. Yeah, I got lazy the last few months. :P It was less than 20 euro's during black Friday so I thought it over and eventually since the "black friday" became a week or two of discounts every where I just bought it! Maybe resell the disc one day or whatever. Or keep it as I like to keep discs around for some reason....even when I passionately HATE optical media! It's so fragile and games when new cost a fortune! And with the current trend of official games getting Bit-rot it's not looking well for original optical media collections. :sad:

    Sorry about the crazy story here, but just had to write it for my future self reading back and how I ended up with SIX versions of Grand Theft Auto Five...but never got to a point to 100% complete the game! :wacko:

    It's not that I am a violent or aggressive person by nature, quite the opposite actually, which is why I have "given up on GTA" for a few years I guess. But after all these months of staying at home...working and "relaxing" look the exact same! It slowly makes me irritating that I can not go do the only working exercise that I did: Swimming!! (read more in the spoiler block)
    When I started swimming in 2015 I weight 127KG...and over 2,5 years of swimming and fitness with personal trainer I had lost over 28KG!:D So a few weeks ago I decided it was time to weigh myself since I had trouble fitting into "my good jeans"....and I WAS SHOCKED!!!:shy::shy::shy::shy: I am just going to say it....I was reading 1 1 5 . 8....:blush::blush::blush::blush:. All that hard work...GONE! For NOTHING!!! Stupid covid ruined that for me!! Well, it was a big factor in it anyway! I know people die from it...and that is terrible ofcourse. I am not denying that part..but still..this is my blog and my rant today! :P

    Yeah, that shocked me too!! It's not that all the "extra" came on over the last year though. I was not consistent in anyway in going to the pool frequently but I tried my best. And around when covid lockdown started last year I was actually on my way of going more often again. To keep motivation for swimming I had bought a garmin swimm sports watch and that helps a lot. Even though the sync was frustrating as that had to go through a very unstable third party app. It did not have bluetooth and needed a dongle and windows PC software. But this app could do it from a phone..but often needed a complete phone reboot to work!! Still, in June 2019 I recorded my highest record of swimming 15KM in total that month! I went into the pool almost every other day just before work.

    The constant frustration of "having nowhere to go" lead to not going out at all! When I looked at my weight a few weeks back I did also make a commitment to start doing something about it!!! Not being interested in most sports I decided maybe walking is a thing? But it needs motivation right? While swimming I had that from the garmin app combined with a swimming watch. Worked great to see those statistics. My top score was 15KM in one month...June 2019! :DWent into the pool almost every other day for nearly a month...and just before Covid I was on the path there again....:cry::cry:

    Since I don't see swimming being possible in the very near future I had to take other actions! My swim watch could not be used to track any other activity than swimming, so I decided to spend some cash on a now one that could be used for swimming, but also track other activities like walking, running and cycling. I ended up with the vivoactive 4 and so far I like it a lot! Already tracked a total of almost 30KM in the few weeks that I have it. Not much maybe, but it's a small start in getting more active. I started with small walks around the block (1,6KM) and tried to do that every day. I have walked a few longer walks and the longest was around 6KM in one day..but it was with two rests in between. Last Sunday I have walked 3.75KM in a single session, I only had to stop because my legs hurt from the cold winds that day. I was not really that tired yet! So I would say my condition is improving :D

    Not sure why I put that in here in a post mostly about GTA...but it's kind of an outlet I guess. So it does complement the story a little I think ^_^
    To sumerize the "swimming and walking" stuff in the spoiler block above, it's helped me a little to escape my computer screen and be outside while also being more active and lose weight. Hopefully. And to make it clear: I do not really like the "going outside in nature" kind of thing! :P

    What I did notice was that while I am getting more active with walks outside I still had some frustrations left. And I noticed that finally picking up a game again and actually play it reduced it massively! In this case GTA 5 happend to be that game and getting further with the in game missions than I have ever gotten gave me a good feeling! It's now a lot...but every little bit helps right?:D

    My current level of completion was around 40% and I plan to make it to 100% this time! :gun:

    Until next time :D^_^
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