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    In the first blog i will talk about who am i. I will try to update the thing whenever i buy/get new game when i finish one or when something important happens.

    My name is andrzej i live in Poland near the city called Wrocław i still live with my parents but i will move out soon. My room is not that big i have a bunch of board games but nobody plays with me so their are basiclly useless i have a pretty old bed ,cage with my guinea pig his name kacper, some shelves, crt tv made by company named trilux they don't exist anymore from what i know my tv is copy of something too phone that i am writing on and tablet that i use to watch YouTube most of time i have nds the original model sometimes i play on it i have r4 and i basiclly pirated every game because it's hard to find real games in my country i also have PS2 and a bunch of games for it the rarest games that i have are persona 4 and shin megami tensei devil summoner raidou kuzoha vs the souless army ( i love how long the title is) i will probably buy Wii soon. I study elecronics it's pretty boring but i have to do it. I don't like people in my country everyone is asshole in some way i would like to move to uk one day. I like to cook but i am not that good at it. I don't like going outside but sometimes i go on a bike i write this thing and use this forum to improve my english. I do part time job at some random book store. I have small sister she is often annoying my father is a good Man but my mother is really shitty. I will have birthday in about two months. I will end this here because i am hungry.


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