Boogieboo6 Over the Summer, I've done a lot with myself. I went to driving school, I got my learner's permit, and applied for my first job. I've got my second interview on Monday! With everything going on, I need a little advice.

I have no problem with the school bus. I really like it honestly. The kids in the back always talk about some kind of drama and it's really entertaining. My point is, I don't plan on driving to school. I can take my mom's car to work, my dad's car if he's home, and in the absolute worst case scenario, ride my bike to work. It's not too far from my house.

I think I should buy my own car in the Summer before I go to college. I'll need one then, because I won't have my mom's car to drive, and I can't just keep taking a bike everywhere.

This seems like a good plan in my head, but I don't know for sure. What do you guys think?


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