• I'm still alive, as you can see...uh, yeah.
    Anyway, if I had to describe the last month and a half with one word: terrific. in a good way and a bad way.
    In no particular order, I had 3 interesting situations, all of which are relevant to my bank account, because oh boy..money wasted like an expired package of chocolate buns.

    The first situation, speaking of chocolate, was related to valentine's day! You know, that certain day in the year where all the sweets stores go nuts with their stock.
    Personally, I don't care about all that crap between lovers on valentine's day. If I had a girlfriend right now(yes, ladies.....i'm single. don't @ me.), i would give her something more to her taste rather than a box of chocolate. I mean, there are girls who don't like chocolate! and if vice versa, i'd rather not pay it any importance. it's the thought of making me happy that counts.
    But yeah, dealing with that cliche' is not simple. I know for instance that some guys who are single, put too much emphasis on this "holiday" and how depressing it feels to be alone.
    Well I say: Cut the crap! If you have time to feel lonely on valentine's day, then use that time to enjoy whatever you like! Playing video games, drawing stuff, reading comics/manga, or even the most random thing like going to solve Picross or Sudoku!
    Oh yeah! the situation...well, it speaks for itself. Turns out there's a girl who is associated with a former classmate of mine. I wrote a rant about this dumb valentine's day cliche', and she approached me on chat. Not sure if it'll go further beyond friendship, but I find it quite nice to have another new friend every now and then.

    The second situation is related to computer stuff. Remember the whole thing with my GPU? Well, looks like the grim reaper knocked on the PC's door once again. This time both of my RAM sticks malfunctioned. The inevitable wave of BSODs appeared and for a first time, I was scared. I was already familiar with BSODs because of other people and, uh...memes, but getting one is real business.
    It's all about identifying the problem, and I lacked the courage to do so. So after asking a technician to check things out, we learned that: 1. system drivers must be updated. 2. RAM went boom.
    Long story short, he sold 2 new RAM sticks to me, and after struggling with attempts on inserting them inside, things went back to normal.
    It costed quite a lot, but it costs a lot more anywhere else, so i couldn't dismiss the opportunity.
    I think there are a few things i need to tweak more, but that's not crucial for now...

    The last situation is related to driving. To put things simply, my dad...bought a new car! W-Well, he replaced the old one with a "new" car, but that "new" car is just an already-used car that went under a lot of repairs.
    It includes a multimedia system, adjustable steering wheel(height-wise), back-camera, and comfy seats. I can confirm that it's quite enjoyable to drive in that car.
    The whole thing with the multimedia system has a catch: in order to use most of it's features, you need an active internet connection.
    Nowadays you can easily use mobile data for these kind of stuff, but the multimedia system needs to be synced with a smartphone.
    So for example, if i want to put a youtube playlist(or these 3-10 hour music mixes), i need to activate hotspot on my phone, then use mobile data, and connect via Wifi.
    And before you mention, my phone does not work with the auxiliary jack, since it's too old and can't be updated to a newer android version.
    That means bluetooth won't work either, so I only had one option.
    But yeah, as long as I can listen to music, I don't mind torturing my phone's battery. I'm planning to buy a new phone next month anyway.

    Oh yeah, I've made a bit of progress on the saxophone as well! learned a few songs, worked on solos, practiced some dandy scales, and bought some slide grease because inserting the mouthpiece became painful!
    My brother is actually friends with one of the best saxophonists in the country. He told him about me, and the guy wants to meet me.
    I feel intrigued, since i'm still inexperienced and I don't want to disappoint him. I really see that entire ordeal as a hobby, something for fun. If I'd like to do anything beyond that, It'll happen when I feel enough confident to play in-front of people. My brother told me I have a lot of potential, considering I learned a lot in less than half a year, and as much as it makes me happy to hear that, I haven't decided if this is what will truly push me forward.
    So for now, I'm gonna enjoy playing the saxophone and learning more.
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