• So, for those of you who aren’t aware… The Wii is one of my favorite consoles. I still remember the Christmas when I first got one— Almost 11 years ago, now.

    I’ve had one set up with RiiConnect24, Wiimmfi, and a spiffy Wiiflow setup for a while now, and I still love it as much as I did when I first experienced the console all those years ago.

    One of my friends recently gave me their console, noting that they don’t use it anymore, since their Wii U is backwards compatible. It’s already got HBC installed, Bootmii as Boot2, CIOS-es are patched for USB loaders, and it’s on 4.3u.

    Here’s the thing: I have no clue what to do with it. I thought about setting it up in the living room and letting my roommates mess around with it, but they probably wouldn’t use it. I also knocked around the idea of building a portable Wii, but I suck at soldering and don’t really have many tools, money, or materials outside of the console itself.

    So, anyone have any clever ideas for this little guy? I feel weird not putting it to SOME use.
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