Justin20020 Hey guys, I don't know who I can tell this.. so I try it here.

First of all, my love to other girls is really heavy. I only had relationships with girls who are weak in sociality. So they are lonely and its easier for me to begin a relationship with them without any problems with ex-boyfriends and so on. But after they got experience about the sociality because of me, they'll change their character and starting to leave me. Today, it's the third time that I got this situation. This relationship took about 7 Months and it was a long-distance relationship but we met after some months or weeks because it was not really cheap for us to see us every weekend. Now I'm alone again and don't know what to do. Yes, I'm in a education and I'm for the education on a professional school at the moment. So, I'm not staying at home to fall in despair but it doesn't really help me. I want to starting to find a girl here in my near but I don't know how to start a talk with a nice looking girl. In the time where I going to the professional school, My eyes falls to a special girl in the train and she's looking me too very often and my heart is starting beating very hard and fast. But I don't know if she had interest in me and so I'm really shy to talk to her if she want my mobile number. I hope, someone can understand and help me a little bit about this :/ Btw I'm 23 yrs old and working as a trainee at ford if someone starts to ask me

Thank you for your answers :)


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