• Today was that time again: Housework. Vacuum cleaning, wiping the floor, tidy up a bit…

    My pretty new Raspberry Pi 4 was lying in it's case on the big loudspeaker to the right of the TV in my living room. I lifted it to vacuum there. So much dust. But then: Something was wrong. The µSD looked strange. Somewhat crooked. At first I thought it was not inserted properly and gently pushed against it. Guess what: The micro-SD slot was pretty loose. I could lift it at the edge of the PCB for almost millimeter. The supporting solder joints to the left and to the right (only for stability, not the data, clk and cmd lines) were broken.

    I took out the SD and it looked like this:


    I have not used the Pi for some weeks and did not touch it. What has happened here? How could this happen?

    Now I'm angry!
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]


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