yuyuyup The DSiWare library continues to expand. This collection of games and apps has succeeded in escaping piracy where Wiiware has failed, so you gotta PAY UP. So is any of it worth coughing up that cold stinkin cash ? You must sift through the reviews and make the ultimate decision. Prepare for a roller coaster of quality and value. Can you handle it ?

The DSiWare shop yields a fair share of strange titles, here is a STRANGE TITLED PREVIEW THREEPEAT

Game One: "90's Pool"
Publisher: Cinemax
Release Date: March 29
Price: ? ? ? ?
I can only speak for the 1990's in the U.S.A. Not EUROPE....Except for the fact that Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was censored in 90's Europe to be relabeled as "Teenage Mutant HERO Turtles." But later they gave up on their anti ninja hatred and now embrace T. M. NINJA T. 90's pool in the U.S.A. was something special. You racked em up, chalked up your stick, and if you lose the game, oh my god I hope you primed yourself beforehand for the poolhall punishment. Hopefully this game will emulate that nostalgic flavor which has been missed since Bush outlawed 90's Pool (that's why you gotta vote, people.) Obviously publisher Cinemax is best known for two things; softcore adult films and 90's pool simulation. Will they maintain their legacy and heritage ?

Game Two: "Penguin Patrol"
Publisher: Grab Games
Release Date: April 5
Price: ? ? ? ?
This looks like a half decent puzzler. I think it's wacky there is a "Fatty Penguin." It's hard being fat. Weightloss can be a difficult battle.

Game Three: "Anne's Doll Studio: Tokyo Collection"
Publisher: Gamebridge
Release Date: April 12
Price: ? ? ? ?
I can't wait. The first one really taught me why I have pride in my country. Dressing up dolls is why our soldiers fight and die.

I hope the DSiWare service never ends. I promise I will never have children, but if I did I would wake them up every morning by screaming at them how much fun I had with "Roller Angels."


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