VinLark Quick little blog here.
I bought an old Compaq Presario S3200NX computer from 2002 off of a friend for 20 dollars.
It had an Athlon, IDE HDD, 2 DVD readers, and a floppy drive.
215MB of DDR1 RAM installed. Pretty standard stuff.

But there was one thing i was primarily interested in....
it was a 1394 dual USB chip.

Me being crazy, I wanted to take the 1394 chip and put it in MY computer for those 2 extra USB ports.

The only real hurdle was actually GETTING it out of the case. I had to absolutely destroy the case trying to get it out, but get it out i did. After getting cut with the sharp sheets of metal in the case of course works!

It's pretty amazing how standardized PC parts are, and that is a good thing.

It looks pretty bad....but what are you gonna get for free?


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