Uni was a bitch

kiel379 By kiel379, Sep 27, 2011 3 0

  • OMFG just feel like ranting somewhere about uni, failed nearly all my courses all due to me being a dum ass and loseing all my work, luckily i can retake the year but my god im pissed off. i had my netbook, my external hard drive and my external dvd writer. hard drive takes power from a socket and dvd drive took power from a second usb port but the power input into both external devices was the same shape adaptor (looked just like a laptop charging cables round end). anyway i took all the backed up work off the hard drive to put it all on dvd's as i needed to hand it all in and i thought that transferring it from external hard drive to dvd burner would take hours, the 2 power plugs for the hard drive and dvd burner got mixed up and mains power was blasted through the dvd burner,into the usb port and the computer blacked out, so what did i do? instead of unplugging the dvd drive in case the usb socket had a "suicide switch" in it (someone told me some computers have these but i dont know) i turned it straight back on the light came on the screen flashed and after that it wouldn't do anything...........wtf right! how fucking dum was i being, i thought you fellow tempers would like a good laugh so thats the reason this is up here and hopefully someone will learn from my mistake and it wont happen again, a whole year of my life wasted in 5 seconds......mad.

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