Unexpected Upgrades

Foxi4 By Foxi4, Sep 9, 2020 6 6

  • Imagine a scenario - you're watching something on YouTube as you're dozing off on the couch, the cat snuggles into you, the dog is fast asleep and your eyelids eventually turn into lead. You fall asleep, blissfully unaware that the TV is still on since safe shutdown mode is for wimps, and it's now displaying a static image. Now, imagine you wake up hours later to your screen having odd lines across it, and you've only just bought the thing. Clearly not something that should happen one month from the initial purchase. Messing around with the settings and even a factory reset didn't solve the problem, so the issue was clear - factory defect of the panel, thank god it popped up so quickly.

    Oh-oh, spaghetti-o's...

    I packed the bugger up and returned it to the store, and I have to say, the experience was pretty painless. I have to compliment all of the staff at the establishment, they happily replaced it on the spot, but since they didn't have that exact model, I suddenly gained an extra five inches of display - I was happy to cover the difference, which admittedly wasn't much. I am now staring at the most beautiful behemoth of a TV I've ever owned and I couldn't be happier. 4K HDR naysh!


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