• As I talked about a bit, I'm writing a bit. So I'll use it as a step to talk about what I wrote, and what happened to me through it. So, without further ado, here it comes with one of my first stories.

    Title - Undesired Angel
    Chapters - 60
    Language - French
    Status - Finished, lost hosting, rewrite pending
    Date of writing - 2009, between April and December

    Undesired Angel was one of my favorite projects, and one I worked a lot on. Based of recurrent dreams I had at the time, it follows the story of Yann, a young man whose life changed a lot when an event made him encounter an angel, an encounter that was quickly followed by weird bumps growing out of his back, before exploding into wings, marking his own transformation into an angel.

    As he's struggling with his new identity, Yann turns out to support from his friends, but even their support won't help much, even turning into a burden when opposite forces directly target them to impact him. But pressing on, he finally learns he is supposed to be a special kind of angel, born of an angel woman and a devil man, and that his destiny is to confront evil forces. A destiny he's even more eager to follow when, among the opposing side, he meets his own father.

    The story could easily turn into a classic fighting story, but it only is part of it, since it also talks about the hero's struggles with his past and present. He lost his mother early, his father treated him badly, and his few friends have their own problems - Laurent is a rich kid who trusts few people because of his high status and the amount of sharks it attracts, Marine is a depressed girl clinging to Yann because of him ruining a suicide attempt of hers and being the only one actually offering her support, and Yann himself is treated badly by his peers because he's taking distance from most people for a reason linked to his past.

    They quickly meet a strange girl, Sakuya, who immediately becomes close to Yann's group for unexpected reasons linked to his own - In the past, he tried to shield a girl from harm coming from a small group of escaped dogs, and he's completely lacking self-confidence because of that, thinking himself as unworthy of friendship because he can't shield his friends from harm. She was that girl, and while she's still marked by his lack of protection, the act made her try to reach back to him, if only to thank him in return. A reach that blossomed slowly into love as both supported themselves in their hardships.

    Both parts of the story got meshed together since his friends, not wanting to stand by idly and wanting to support their friend, end up taking celestial weapons at his side to support him on the battlegrounds. And while the story got cut into easy arcs thanks to the fighting side, it actually grew on both sides. That story actually got finished at its 60th chapter, with the team reaching Hell, fighting its new self-appointed leader, and the aftermath.

    On the personal side, it's important since it drew part of my own story to create some backgrounds. Parents' neglect for more or less understandable reasons, lack of friends outside of a select important few, childhood acts that caught back years later, all of these were used to a big extent into the story. And while these came from my own story, I put a spin on them, altered them and changed them enough to make them completely different instead of just self-inserting once again. Something that helped me heal myself out of these.

    On the story side, it's also important since, as it actually was the first time I gave up on the self-inserting, creating new characters and experimenting with them was something I discovered with the story going on. And while I struggled a bit with it, it also helped me try some things with character and world building, both things I enjoyed a lot and that came back on later stories. I also began having weird experiences of the story writing itself through simply wondering "How would them react in such a situation, or if this thing happens ?", something I never had before.

    In the end, it aged badly, and disappeared from the few sites it was hosted on. A rewriting is planned, but not for now, as I have other plans for writing in mind for the time being, including one or two I'll talk about soon. And while I have other projects, this one holds a special place to my heart, and I want to keep it close.


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