• Hello world!
    so... I've been unbanned today thanks to @Chary who worked since April I think to make me unbanned
    I asked him on discord after a year of ban and now, I'm finally unbanned
    Thanks to all moderator, superrisor and administrator who voted yes to unban me, it's very very very appreciated :D

    As for my return, I said that I would avoid EoF for a couple of month, so if possible, dont quote me there

    Since the last 16months, lot has changed in my life
    Me and my mom moved to my sister's house
    My sis doesn't like cat, so Zelda is confined to the basement, where I live

    I will upload pictures of Zelda every few weeks again to those who are interessted :)

    If you have any question about how I am these days, feel free to post them here

    Thanks again Chary for all the effort youve made to unban me :)
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