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Before you start reading this tutorial:
  1. Have Photoshop CSS6 or higher.
  2. Click here to download the Skins.
If you have any questions leave a comment.

The method covered in this tutorial will allow you to create 3 types of skins.
See the pictures below.

3ds Skin mario maker.png 3dd.png nova pele 3ds.png
I will only be teaching how to add the images, you can edit the color and the data gives skin gives shape that you want.

I'll be explaining in this tutorial how to create a preview with the skin of Mario Maker. All of the methods explained in this tutorial will be the same for the two additional Skins.

To start, use Usagi to generate the upper and lower screens separately. You will have two images in .PNG format. Open the PSD file mario_maker_skin.psd.

001.png 002.png
After opening the file click on the icon shown in the image above marked in yellow, to be able to enter inside gives intelligent object layer. You will come across the image two, click to select the IMG-01 layer then right-click on the selected layer and choose the Replace Content option.This will open the image adding panel select preview_top.png image to replace the IMG-01 layer. Repeat the same procedure with the IMG-02 image by placing the preview_bottom.png image. After performing the image replacement procedures save the edit and return to the main layer, save again and save the image in .png format.

Note 1: When you perform the procedure of replacing existing content, the new image will automatically adjust by keeping the settings made the original layer.

Note 2: Only the images generated in the Usagi editor will be automatically adjusted when the replacement procedure is performed.
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