• Unfortunately, this blog post will not be about Scootaloo breaking her legs. Yes, that does mean the title of this blog entry is falsely advertising the content of the blog entry itself. I will surely face the legal consequences.

    What this blog post is truly about is Twist. "Who is Twist?" I hear you ask. Well, I don't really hear you ask that. It's a figure of speech (bonus points if you tell me which one, because I really don't know).
    This is Twist.
    Now, you may be wondering what is up with my strange obsession with Harry Truman. This is what the blog post is truly about.
    The truth is that I was not alive during the presidential term of the 33rd president of the United States. My horrible secret is finally revealed.
    Okay, so it has come to my attention that that statement doesn't really explain anything. It has also come to my attention that this blog post makes no sense.
    To clear things up, let's take a closer look at the inner workings of the universe. All of reality revolves around one central point, as is common knowledge.
    This central point is known as the "event horizon". It's where we receive shipments of food, water, and other products.
    Actually, I made all of that up. Please don't quote me on anything stated above. Or perhaps anything at all stated in these blog entries.

    I've run out of things to type. Without content, I am nothing.


    I am going to go look for an image of Scootaloo breaking her legs. If I do not find one, I will make one myself. You can expect this to appear in my next blog post about practically nothing.
    That is to say, my blog posts frequently equate to nothing. They are completely and utterly unimportant.
    But seriously. Scootaloo breaking her legs. Look forward to that.


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