• hey i´m depressed since I have 3 weeks holiday because of Corona... and My Grandpa had recently a Heart attack.

    normaly i repair solarinverters i just replace the boards since i have so many of them.

    now ive tryed to repair 7 identical Boards From Fronius IG Solar Inverters just for fun and to keep me busy.

    im a Electrical Master and i have buyed a Hot Air Soldering Stadion Last Week ,and i have looked so many try to repair videos from mymatevince and tronicfix on youtube...

    both statet that you can search shorts when your meter peeps on both sides from a Capacitor against earth..

    now when i use my meter on these boards it peeps overall on all sides from the Capacitors.

    i found out that it is the same on a known working Board.

    now i looked how many Ohms it is and i realise that it is no short when it peeps when i have sereveal Kohms resistance..

    i wonder how other guys can find shorts when it peeps overall
    or i need to look if the resistance near 0 Ohms?

    on 2 of the boards i found a burning Capacitor not on the same position but i tryed to change these 2 and the resistors near them
    but after that its dosnt work at all

    on the other 5 i cant really see the problem no burnings or bad solder points

    all of These Boards have LEDs to Show the Voltages is there, all of them working fine but the Inverter dosnt can make a Conection with one of it.
    the board to board comunication dosnt work

    i have one empty board with all parts unsolderd just to learn soldering with a hot air

    need some tips here just to now one board repaired cost 150 euros

    DC - DC Platine Fronius für IG 20-60 HV Wechselrichter 4.070.222 97992228_244246756633687_7838992021657223168_n.jpg


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