DarkRioru 10. legend of zelda links awakening dx (GameBoy Color)

the second gbc game I had when I was 7, it was awesome but, was hard for me to master... didn't really get what I was supposed to do until I bought it on the 3ds and had the power of the internet to guide me

9. Super smash bros for 3ds

great fighting game to play locally with friends but, would have been higher on this list if it wasn't with my experience with fighting online being so laggy to the point its unplayable... here's to hoping the switch has 5.0ghz connection instead of a 2.4ghz connection

8. Enter the Matrix (Game Cube)

awesome game and amazing cinematics made specifically for this game. I wish all movie games would have some sort of exclusive cinematic you wouldn't get in theaters or on dvd... it would make the game truly special to have in any (insert movie title here) fan's game library

7. Pokemon silver (gbc)

the third gameboy color I ever owned, it was amazing at the time with great remember-able battles and the best champion theme in history lol (lance is best champ)

6. pokemon black 2 (DS)

if you are wondering why I placed another pokemon game on here its because that's the reason I had a nintendo console in the first place... this game was amazing and had the darkest story in pokemon at its time and it was its first attempt at 3d sprites which was amazing when it was at its prime...

now for my top 5

5. GTA series (PS4/PC)

its the gran theft auto series, nothing needs explaining here...

4. Xenoblade Chronicles (N3ds)

best game ever with an expansive world and amazing game mechanics that should of been placed in other rpg's years ago

3. Danganronpa: trigger happy havoc (PC)

best game if you want a story with funny characters and a mystery to solve and now that the third game is coming out, I have to play all of them and hope the series never ends

2. Tony Hawks Underground (Game Cube)

My first gamecube game I have ever played, it made me laugh and made me cry in anger when I failed to complete a mission... I played this with my friends, and family since I was 5 years old... it has such an impact on how much I'm a gamer in the present day

1. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series (except for gates to infinity)

when I was in gamestop after winning a bet with my dad, he bought me pokemon red rescue team. at first I thought it was stupid but, then when the story took a dark turn (the player being framed for causing the constant earthquakes), I just fell in love with the game... the ending of red rescue team almost made me cry... explorers of sky had to be the best one in the series with funny characters, great storyline that wasn't afraid of the concepts of death and sacrifice... it was the best game ever!!!

now... uggghhh... do I really need to explain what is so horrid about gates to infinity?? might as well to avoid comments asking why... I got the game for my birthday because I loved the series hoping it was just as good as EOS... when I realized the starter selection was lacking, i was like eh... might as well choose oshawatt... and I played through the game... and when I learned about bittercold... I was about to put my 3ds down and walk away... what the hell was nintendo thinking???? a giant snowball made of hatred that can only be destroyed by happiness and frendship... why the fuck was nintendo trying to pull a salor moon on us?? it was just terrible... and really lacking pokemon with only 5th gen pokemon and a couple of 1st gen pokemon... and non friendable legends like a freaken shiny ho-oh.... so much lost opportunity...

when pokemon super mystery dungeon came around, I jumpped on it and played it instantly... it had a great story and funny characters... but, I would have to hate on it again for not having a supped up pokemon as the boss like in EOS instead of some non pokemon creature or energy mass that is not rememberable by any means... but, it had pokemon up to 6th gen and had a great starter lineup so I didn't complain there...
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