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  • Felt like typing again just because.

    So... last friday, my sisters went to El Centro Histórico, which is my favourite place here in my city. Mexico City that is. But I don't like to go out that often, unless is extremely important or unavoidable. So I stayed home with Oso, Kiki and Théo. I kind of take care of them whilst we're alone. That means, spend the entire noon watching youtube or netflix and sometimes the news.
    The only thing I watch on TV is the news.

    Then, before they went out they asked me: What would you like to eat today?
    And I said: Well, since you're going to El Centro, why won't you bring Chinese from that Buffet place?
    And they were like: Oh, nice idea. Yes let's do that.

    This Chinese Buffet is run by real chinese immigrants here in my city. The buffet costs just two dollars per person, but you can get anything, literally, anything you want, and you can serve yourself as many times as you want. The beverages though, are quite expensive. Around 4 dollars the liter of tea.
    In Méxican pesos, 2 dollars equals to 50 pesos. And 4 dollars equals to 100 pesos. So that's kind of abusive.
    BUT strangely, if you buy food to take to your home, it costs even less than 2 dollars per person.
    So I ordered my favourite: Fish balls and Potatoes. I ordered Spring Rolls too, thinking that they would have some kind of meat in there... but they were stuffed with Celery and Cabbage.
    I'm allergic to Celery and I hate Cabbage! So that day I just ate my Fish balls and my Potatos.

    Next day, saturday, dad bought half kilo of potato chips... and they ate them all! I got mad, because they're always like this. I hate when they do this. I hate their greediness.
    I was doing some stuff in my bedroom and when I get to the living room for some chips they said:
    "You better don't come because there's nothing for you"
    And on top of that, my sister (who often cooks) made a fucking Tortilla Soup, which is nothing but Tomato Soup with fried tortillas (like Totopos but made from real tortillas) and it's served with fresh cheese, chopped onions and sour cream... AND I FUCKING HATE IT!
    We've been having it SO OFTEN THAT I'M ALREADY SICK OF IT.
    So, of course, being completely mad at the time, I didn't ate that day.

    Sunday... same.

    Monday, kind of the same, if I didn't wanted to eat that fucking Tortilla Soup on saturday, I wouldn't want to eat it three days later. Didn't ate sunday nor monday.

    Tuesday, at this point I was getting a little bit reliefed that the fucking Tortilla Soup was already eaten by them. So... I was minding my business in my bedroom, and I honestly didn't knew what the fuck they ate that day. But I DID HEARD my stupid sisters saying: "I'm not going to tell him that dinner is ready" so of course, that FUCKING PISSED ME OFF TOO.
    And I didn't ate that day neither.

    Wednesday, the same. Fucking hate my sisters by now, I'm so pissed off with them that I don't want to fucking see them nor hear their fucking voice nor hear the fucking music they play ALL FUCKING DAY ON YOUTUBE (K-POP and Reggaeton) fucking hate it. I'd rather be in my bedroom with my headphones listening to something else while minding my business.

    Thursday, today, is the same. Mama and papa began to worry why I hadn't came out of my bedroom in 6 days, let alone why I hadn't had anything to eat since last friday.
    Fucking hate their fucking selfishness and their hypocrisy... like suddenly they're asking me if I'm fine and that shit.
    If I'd want to be with them, I'd came out of my bedroom already.
    And let alone those things that annoys me.
    Every fucking day, if it's not fucking K-POP or Reggaeton, it's fucking HONEY BOO BOO, TEEN MOM, E!, FUCKING HOME AND HEALTH OR FUCKING PAWN SHOP.
    Like, they can't do something else with their fucking life other than being this stupid, greedy, selfish and dumb.

    Both of my sisters are "attending" college. And they're like trying to solve Trigonometry and Algebra with THE FUCKING RULE OF THIRDS. If you only knew how many fuckint times I've had to solve their fucking Math problems.
    And one of them is "learning" french, and I've had to solve and basically teach her the basics because her head is full of fucking shit that they can't understand the most basic Math and French education. Like, what the fuck? Let alone other grades.

    Why would I ever want to spent my time with them? Or why would they ever want me around? We are completely uncompatible.
    I fucking hate them.

    My nose is bleeding right now, and I don't know if it's because it's so fucking hot (winter ended) or if it's a symptom from not eating in 6 days straight. So pissed off that I don't want to see their fucking faces.
    And I'm not even mentioning the stupid stuff they do, like using all the clean dishes, spoons and glasses and not washing them after they've done using them.
    If I get to eat, when I finish I fucking clean the stuff I've used. Same when I cook, I clean everything I've used.
    And they, instead of washing their own dishes, they uses theirs, and then, as theirs are already dirty, they grabs mine because it's clean.


    So no, I can't have a nice family either. I will probably eat today, but I don't know. Depends on how I feel about them.
    This saturday I made me some waffles to eat, and the next day, they where all pissed off because I didn't shared my waffles WHEN THEY FUCKING BOUGHT FROM THE STORE FUCKING CHIPS AND COOKIES AND STUFF without asking me if I needed anything.

    FUCKING HATE MY FUCKING FAMILY. And I hadn't began to talk about cousins, aunts, and grandparents, which by the way, also HATE THEM for valid reasons.

    By now you're probably wondering if the problem it's me... and WELL I AM THE FUCKING PROBLEM. I'M TOO FUCKING NAIVE.
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