yuyuyup ATTENTIONNNNNNN Nintendo DENIES 3DS XL breaking newz for your FACE

Nintendo has issued a statement, as translated by Andriasang, denying Nikkei's report, claiming the story is "full of mistakes" and is "nothing more than conjecture."

My post before I read the news:

Holy crap I want Nintendo info but even more important is the Recall election of Scott Walker, it's supposed to serve as a critical bellwether for Democrats prospects. Despite this, I care more about whether or not Nintendo DEEP DICKS early 3DS adopters EVEN FURTHER by announcing a HUGE SCREEN 3DS. I pray that instead they announce a new 3DS with camera-based 3D interaction and an inexpensive attachment for regular 3DS systems.

OBVIOUSLY I along with most sane people would have purchased a HUGE 3DS over the current version. Claims of loss of portability be damned. I can very easily contain my DSi XL in my pockets, if you cannot do the same, your pants are simply too tight.


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