• As today, today’s the day I retire as a shitposter.
    I’m out of the game.

    However, I do still have the same jobs I do every single day:
    I prevent people from committing suicide,
    Develop games,
    Starting a YouTube channel,
    Con artist,
    Tech expert (but I don't know shit compared to people like BSOD about Cemu),
    I “adopted” like 40 people,
    I’m a professional Speedrunner,
    A public entertainer,
    Heavy weight lifter (I help people move stuff),
    I take care of people’s pools and aquariums,
    I help faint hearted people with pets,
    I’m raising wonderful garlic bread family,
    I’m active in 22 discord servers,
    And I’m a hacker,
    Plus a retired pirate,
    Virtual Therapist,
    Meme machine,
    And novice actor

    I had a lot of fun being a shitposter, but it’s probably for the best :)
    That’s all for today, folks


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