• three is the amount of time my family had to send the laptop I'm working on to best buy. first it was a loose hinge, then they FORGOT TO CLOSE UP THE LAPTOP (HOW DO YOU FORGET THAT?!?!?!) and the final time with ghost touch problems.
    Thing is, the laptop didn't have ANY problems to begin with. we only sent it in because of the hinge because we thought it would become a problem in the future. turns out we had more problems repairing it than fixing it.
    They did refund the other times we had to send it in. we had to pay for it initially, but by the third time they got their act together. They also said that they send out the laptop to a different location than the stores, so it technically isn't the best buy we we're at (still, they should at least hire some new people)
    Now its fine. the screen is a bit loose but it was like that beforehand. I'm just glad they got their act together.
    update time
    while we were at best buy the 5 and 6th times (5th to take it in, 6th to get it back) i gotten two 35 dollar gift cards (one on each trip) and a 3 month NSO membership for my friend (he was complaining about not having online) i spent the $35s on mii plaza games and blazblue crosstag battle, as well as other indie games. despite how frustrated i was with the laptop, i had a good time at the end.
    also, i now understand the pain of not having a credit card
    want this^^, cant get it
    the only workaround i can think of is that i could get two $100 dollar pre-paid gift cards, pay for it and then cash in the remaining balance to get my money back.
    either way, i dunno how im suppose to sneak it past my parents lol
    thats all. im glad im back!
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