• The weather's been surprisingly nice lately. To commemorate these cursed blessings of global warming, my dog and I have decided to go on as many hikes as the weather will allow. Hiking is great because it lets me hush all the unrequited screaming responsibilities in my head and gives time for my dog to be a dog for a couple hours. It's also a pretty good bonding experience.

    In the face of the gloomy days (everything after new years and before my birthday (which isn't until march, rude), dogs and exercise are really the best medicine. A long satisfying hike always leaves me in good spirits.
    Disclaimer: in my completely unprofessional opinion.

    AND NOWWWW, I present the best of them in pictures!

    A foggy but surprisingly pleasant one

    A fluffy one

    An unexpectedly wet one

    The aftermath
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