• Ei Bi Ci Di... what that hell!!! not a primary school. (not extremely)

    In february i said...back to the real school,
    3 months to the new tutorial show and this...

    how to learn a read... yep, that right. Is time to real school.

    Is NOT HARD to say, this the worst generations of video gamers.
    the social media = every details = every article!? = is necessary!?

    ok, some pages of videogames, of course, copy and paste, and translations... well, you know.
    in internet is too easy to find information, multimedia of tips, and really easy, (including in the job)

    what is the point of THIS!? Is simple:
    in this generations: Social networks + Poor concentration = INFORMATION ADDICTION!

    but chippy is BRAIN AGE CONCENTRATION TRAINING for 3DS! right?
    well i'm NOT ryuta kawashima. OK, The real problem is not FOCUS in the most important. The PROBLEMS!.

    if you compare in the past time of videogamers, and actuallity. well, is too much changes.

    lets compare:

    in NES/ SEGA MASTERSYSTEM era or SNES /SG (or mega drive) some games have a clear game without: password, memory card or save game)
    to understand a game, you have the manual (how to play) and how to beat the stage, your items, based on your experience.

    Actually: youtube, social networks, and... this....

    in the past game, we EFFORT to clear the game! up experience, in better school.
    when you have a problem, you have a solution!. Is hard but you need EFFORT!. find information, test in some places, calculated, and READ!


    I have a trouble in atmosphere, only works on hetake and atlas. but i need execute on vanilla atmosphere (i used the lastest version on tinfoil to download games).
    i understand the situation of tinfoil. but renember, you can NOT FORCE!!! you try a alternative solution, but not a real solution.
    i can take or not the solutions. if i not like to use awoo installer for now, is not necessary to force a used!, now a search for a solution and well, the real solution is: DELETED atmosphere and sept folder in the sd card and reinstall again. and that is.


    renember: the personal tastes is for you, no other one, Opinion sames. Not fall in the stupid.
    study, search, calculated, translated, read to understand a game
    Play videogames for fun!.

    Thanks for reading this. But is necessary, of course i not know about english.
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