0-volt ITS FRIDAY!!!! HOORAY!!! well i bored...

its time to... THE TUTORIAL SHOW! today!:

GBA (or AGB) E-READER.... in full emulator... (WHAT!!!)


Men, i know about the e-reader, and emulator, sma4, etc tv... (i like this), for more than 10 years ago.
i can imagine this comentary.

The GBA MODE in his history and now!

OK, there are 2 emulators for now, can emulated the e-reader (its there is another emu, you can say and i edited)

i forget, my boy (android) dont support e-reader (i see video from people can change the save).

The emulators are: VBA-M and NO$GBA.

you must be remember about how to emulated, the game most used is Super Mario Advance 4
the trouble is: how scan card and transfer this card to the game!?
the no$gba can in 2.4b version in 2007!!! this emulator have a full support. maybe!.

to work you must be download a data from caitsith the name e-reader.sv2 (exclusive data from no$gba)

the tutorial is related how to access data!.​

Well the tutorial is FULL SUPPORT!!!, there is a name: COMMUNICATION MODE

Some games, you need the communication to download content, from the game to the e-reader.
in real console is easy to get the data (2 gba, a game support + e-reader (like sma4))


in emulator, the no$gba have a full support on the lastest version (2.9d)
well i test, the same steps to have a transfer, and select comunication. From sma4, select level card, powerup card or demo card and ok to start communication:

TIPS: in the machine 1 have the SMA4, and machine 2 have the E-READER, is you place in reverse order, that not work!​

in no$gba 2.4b try connect this, the error appear with communication failed. in the others version too, at least the lastest version, the communication is fixed. there is why is necesary to download a data. (now no more!)
in others error that you need use this card to the aplication (in e-reader menu)
of course, is compatible with the japanese version. Well the game has region lock!.

what is about the gamecube...

ok i need 2 emulators, of course: DOLPHIN and VBA-M

this my video i have the test:

the same steps to connect gba to gcn, for example in animal crossing search a place to use the e-reader function and connect to gba, tips: the vba-m have the e-reader support.
remember connect e-reader to nintendo gamecube.

In pokemon games, the eon ticket, if you scan this card, the aplication have been start, not necesary to use communication.

that is... thank you very much.
if you have a question is you welcome.

ps. i not perfect in english. but is not necesary to use google translation.


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