• I've been waiting to post a dad blog, hoping for my dad to once more do something quirky and adorably enjoyable. My patience was rewarded today, in a small, but amusing incident following Thanksgiving.

    It all began, this morning. Where my dad walked up to me randomly, and eloquently said, "It is the Thanksgiving. I want to play...the fishing. THA FEESHING GAME!"

    Completely confused at first, I remembered that back when the Wii used to be something people used, he loved to play Animal Crossing. That was too difficult for him to remember, so he would just call it THE FISHING, because he loved to catch fish. I even bought him a plastic fishing-pole attachment for the Wii, because he liked it so much. So, a good 10 years after the last time he'd played THE FISHING, (you should never dare call it City Folk, he'll think you're swearing at him) he randomly wanted to play it again. Badly. Enough to tell me to drop everything I was doing so we could do the fishing gaming for the Thanksgiving celebration. Even though it was the day after.

    So, I grab a Wii, my old one, which had been damaged in the flood from the hurricane a few years back. Of course, it didn't work. That was okay, I'd purchased two more Wii's after the fact.

    The second one boots, but the picture is messed up, completely mangled and unplayable.

    But that's okay, there's still a third one. Except.


    Somehow I'd unwittingly purchased a 5$ Wii...from Japan. Thanks, Goodwill. And thanks to the lovely genius choices that Nintendo made, back in the day, the Wii refused to play THA FEESHING (TM), because it's region locked. Hope isn't all lost yet, though. I can hack it, of course. That'll turn it region free. I tell my dad as such, when he's wondering why I'm running around looking for an old SD card. He reacts in total horror. "You can't hurt the VHS (Wii)! It never do anything to you! It only want to play the fishing...". Whatever interpretation he has of "hacking", he assumes I'm going to completely take it apart and destroy it. He also wants to play it NOW, not in thirty minutes, after I've softmodded it.

    So it all clicks, in my head. Why bother hacking the Wii? I had the perfect solution all along. It all made sense now.


    After so many years.

    The Wii U.

    It was time.

    It may not have been useful in its prime, but now, it was time for the Wii U to shine, as a FISHING MACHINE!

    My dad joyously stared at the TV, in anticipation, as Animal Crossing booted up. He spent about 10 minutes walking into walls, trying to move his character, but once he learned that walking into trees wasn't how you fished properly, he caught himself his favorite fish: The Rad Snap. Yyfkuwa.png

    All hail the Wii U, the true hero, having finally attained its true meaning in life, to deliver joy to a dad who just wanted to fish.
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