Before I begin, some people may be unfamiliar with the MegaPi Project. In September of 2016, I wanted to make my Sega Genesis into a fully functional console. I lacked the cables and games to get the Genesis working. Also, it had been sitting in a relative's garage for the better part of 20 years. So I tore it down and began what has almost been a year in the making. Since I'm out of school, I need a good way of spending my free time when I'm not working. Hence, the resurgence of my interest to get this thing done!

    So now that everyone is caught up to speed, I just want to say... it's been a while hasn't it? What's changed since the first post? I switched the Pi 1 B+ out for a Pi 3! It's overclocked. I got a Genesis game to mutilate for science (don't worry, it's Joe Montana's Football... doubt anyone will be too upset with me.). RetroPie 4.2 is installed with a modification to allow for music in EmulationStation. The music pauses when a game starts and resumes when you quit the emulator. I have the NES Mini theme, which looks extremely good!

    What needs to be done? The hardware solution... So I need opinions on this part... I am going to make Joe Montana's Football into a fancy microSD card. I'm going to solder an SD Adapter to the pins in the cart, and then find the corresponding pins on the cartridge connector. From those pins, I'm going to wire them to the Pi 3, so that they work like the microSD card. I'm thinking of also getting a PiDrive to store my ROMs on, but I'm not too sure yet... I'd like to use the power connector on the Genesis to supply the Pi with the 2.5A power it needs. I'm also wanting to take the buttons from the Genesis for Power and Reset. My hope is to make the power button like other systems *cough cough GameCube* and would keep the Pi on until the button is pressed again. The Reset button would reboot the Pi. If I can get this idea working, I'd have to go back and configure the reset button in software. The back I/O for the Genesis is kind of rough right now, so hopefully I can get a new I/O faceplate made to accommodate the HDMI in and Genesis Power In. If the Genesis Power port doesn't work out, then I'm fine with Micro USB. Then there's the top... I'd like to make it look like the original, but I'd like to mod the Genesis logo to say "MEGAPI" instead of "GENESIS". I still want the SEGA logo though. And finally, there's the cartridge again... I'd like to make a fancy label for it that looks like a real Genesis game.

    Thank you for reading through this! I might update it with pictures and such. If you have advice and want to help, please let me know in the comments! I'm willing to listen to suggestions! Thanks and have a nice day!

    TL;DR: Software's done for the most part. I'd like to get the cartridge and cartridge reader to act like an extension of the microSD reader on the Pi. Thinking of having the cart be the OS while an internal hard drive stores data and games. I want the original power jack, but am willing to use Micro USB if that doesn't work out. I want the power and reset buttons to feel like the original buttons. I want the I/O faceplate to accommodate HDMI and the power connector I go with. I want to mod the top of the Genesis to say "MEGAPI". I want to make the modded cart look like a legit game.
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