• Since the beginning of gaming, we had to decide which console to choose; Colecovision vs Intellivision, the NES vs Genesis, the Gameboy vs Game Gear, these were questions that would puzzle most gamers. But the DS had a secret weapon, it had a crazy wide audience and library, and appealed to gamers and people who video don't play games alike. But what about it's rival, the PlayStation Portable? In almost all ways, the PSP had the advantage. The PSP had better specs, console games on the go like Gran Turismo and SOCOM, and a robust connection to the PlayStation Network, and was very successful, but was still beaten by the DS. The DS (original, the DSi had a store and apps) lacked in almost everything. It didn't have online connectivity except for the now dead Nintendo WiFi Connection online multiplayer Client(that could only be accessed through WEP networks on DS), couldn't play music or movies, but I love the DS family so much. The DS feels so wonderful and collectible, like you want to get every single color and have a big collection, where the PSP feels like you just get one and you're done. like I have a PSP 3001, and that"s all I need, but with my DS collection, it will never feel complete. The PSP feels like a more robust gaming experience on the go, with graphics in my opinion match the PS2, but the DS feels more like an experience. Before school, me and my friends play Mario Kart DS together and I wouldn't trade that for anything.

    What about all of you guys? Do you guys have fun memories with these consoles? Have a good day reader:D


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