• The PantsPod was actually cursed, and taking it out of the pocket unleashed a curse--anyone who uses that iPod is urged to collect them for eternity.

    That, or I'm trying to excuse why I bought two iPods in one day. I grabbed an iPod Mini from Goodwill, intending to open it up and put flash storage in it. Instead, the Goodwill iPod had 1000 songs...and was clearly owned by a small girl in the early 2000s. It had the full Hannah Montana discography in like, the worst quality MP3's I'd ever seen, too many Jonas Brothers songs to count, the full High School Musical soundtrack, and AC/DC. Y'know, normal girl stuff.

    It was such a powerful iPod, with its dorky collection of music, that I felt bad erasing the drive. I dunno...I couldn't bring myself to do it. So, instead I bought a broken iPod on eBay, and planned to open it up and fix it. That Dankpods channel had a really good video about fixing "nuggets" with flash storage, so I got the little iFixit kit and everything. Fixing the little iPod turned out to be so easy!! Just like the GBA SP, I thought I'd break it, but heck, I managed to open it up and replace it, and restore the iPod! I got it super cheap cuz it was broken, and now I'm listening to the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon OST with it :D


    photo_2021-04-14_21-40-10.jpg photo_2021-04-14_21-40-10 (2).jpg photo_2021-04-14_21-40-09.jpg

    I'm not here to impress, really. I'm just here to share my happiness at accomplishing something, even if it's simple. Sorry I don't have any Dadblogs lately, hopefully, that'll change in the future! And maybe in the future, I'll keep messing around with easy repairs and building my confidence in this stuff :O
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