• Once upon a time there was a little Sinchen.

    On one day she decided it was time to install custom firmware on her New 3DS XL. She had been pushing this along for months.


    She prepared her R4i 3DS Gold with ntrboot and put all the necessary files on the console micro-SD to use the ntrboot method. Time to check the setup.

    Oh No! The magnet was missing! She did not find a magnet, although she searched the whole house. Being a well-behaved girl, Sinchen always stays calm in such a situation.

    Full of desperation she lay down in her bed, turned on the music but was not able to distract herself from the problem. Only one thought stayed in her mind.


    But suddenly, after listening to music for half an hour.… Little Sinchen jumped up and stared at the big old and powerful loudspeaker on her closet. “That thing used to craze the CRT monitor when placed too near.” she mumbled.

    Then she put the speaker on the desk and the N3DSXL on top. This triggered the standby mode immediately. Although she felt terribly stupid for not thinking of the speaker earlier, Sinchen stayed calm once again.

    And started the SafeB9SInstaller.
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    Arranging the pictures with heat fuse beads took many, many hours. And at the size of the speech bubble, it gets kind of expensive and tedious. That is why I did not build the though bubble with beads.

    I really don’t know how I could not notice the giant magnets to the left and to right of my desk. They can’t be overlooked and are not in any way shielded. It was an obvious idea, but I did not think of it at first. The CRT goes nuts with the speaker next to it. Capturing the effect of the loudspeaker on the CRT monitor did not quite work out. This is the best I could get:
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