VinLark Well, a lot has happened since my last blog (not even 20 hours ago). Let me tell you.

Zorin OS: A Joke of an OS
Well, my first stop from Ubuntu Budgie was Zorin. It looked nice, and was more on the darker side (literally) of the Linux OS spectrum. It also came with Wine and some more things to make it feel like Linux (none of which I cared about). I try it for a bit and I really like it. Nothing particularly went wrong on the Live USB. I install it on my HDD and call it a night.

I get up this morning. I get on my PC. Zorin boots up. But it takes a good 2 minutes. Solus took at the most 30 seconds, and this is on a 7200RPM HDD. This really hurts my experience, what if I just need to boot up to do something really fast, I can't with this OS. But I tread on. I log in and I download some stuff. Steam, Discord, whatever. I open up Chrome. Then I find something. Zorin is so slow. I have an okay PC. It is sure powerful enough to handle any Linux OS. But Zorin was crashing every 10 minutes, and I'm not even exaggerating. It's not like I was using some beta Dev build. I was literally using the ISO they had on the website. The damn OS crashed on git I run VMS on my PC. Zorin was taking fucking 4GB of my RAM while something like Ubuntu Budgie took 2GB, and Solus wouldn't even be taking a GB on chrome. What the fuck.

Alright, so I nuke it and go on to my second choice. Ubuntu GNOME.

Ubuntu GNOME: The shining hope in a pile of rubble
I'm typing this from a Ubuntu GNOME live USB right now. I really liked Ubuntu GNOME. It surprised me. I have never used the GNOME interface before and how nice it was blew me out of the water. Installing it was another beast though.

I install it like you would install any OS. Wipe the HDD and just install it in a LVM. Or at least, that's what I thought. It told me to reboot, and I did.

And I got this.

What is this? Hell if I know. I didn't even do anything wrong. I don't know if this is how I burned the ISO on to the USB or what. But i'm going to try installing it again.

Other Options
What is there to do now? If GNOME doesn't work, I always have Kubuntu. I was looking at Mint and after using it for not even a minute, I remember why I wiped it on my old PC. Mint just feels like a toy. I used to LOVE cinnamon, but I don't know what happened. I just need something with more meat then mint has. Gnome is nice, but Budgie is even better.

Wish me luck
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