• I'm kind of bored, so I thought - why not do a regular blog to impress/annoy/everything else in between the Temp? And since no one stopped me [I'd like to see them try] here goes.

    Lately, I've been watching movies more recently on cable - don't ask me why, it just seemed like I suddenly had time to spare. Weird.

    Some of the ones I've watched [and some of my thoughts]:

    The Incredibles - T'was fine. Kind of split the message between "you can't do everything alone", "you can't turn away what you are" and whatever the message was in the whole "wannabe sidekick turned megalomaniacal bad guy" storyline is, but whatevs, not every film is perfect. I like the whole "there are two ways to look at people with superpowers" side of it, though - most comic movies have this air of "if he/she can fly/lift tons of things/punch criminals then it's fine" thing going, which doesn't seem to make sense in terms of real-world implications.

    Specifically loved the way the movie handled the cape/no cape business. Sometimes such things are viewed as mere food for thought, discarded as the movie sees fit, but here they actually back up their own logic [no capes]. It's the little details sometimes that makes the immersion possible.

    Cars - Haven't watched the 2nd one yet. Anyway, pretty good film. This one seems to be just fine letting its message of "you can't do everything alone/not everything is about you" get along just fine - in fact, they almost overlap, which works wonders for the storytelling.

    Seriously though [if I was a car], if I saw some punk drive someone older out of the way, I'd personally T-bone them onto the nearest wall. And then help the old dude. But that's just me.

    Lightning McQueen's bestfriend seemed almost TOO stereotyped, though. Dunno what that's about.

    Also, loved the bit at the end where they spoofed the other pixar films and transformed them into cars, as well. Funny. There was a dedication at the end, too.

    Toy Story 3 - Well, what can I say? I grew up to Toy Story 1 and 2, so nostalgia aside, it was a good movie. The message was simple: "life changes [love is eternal]". There were other subplots and sub-messages to go with them, but that's the focus of the movie. I dunno, maybe part of the message was a signal that there wouldn't be another sequel - that the Toy Story franchise is moving on, so to speak. If so, it will be sorely missed.

    The whole Buzz Lightyear Spanish mode was hella funny.

    Drag Me to Hell - I watched this before, so I knew the good parts [horror-wise] and kept spoiling it to my mum [who doesn't like horror movies in general] and my dad [who only nods, wtaches the movie, and then points out the exact scene I was spoiling, LOL]. Lemme tell you guys, I was in stitches when the main character got dragged to hell and run over by a train at the same time. [technically not run over, as she was unharmed by the train, but you get what I mean]

    I probably should put all that into a spoiler, but no one reads these, so whatevs...

    Anyway, yesterday I made the fateful decision of finally letting my mom hack away at my hair - she's been raring to trim it to a shorter length for the past year or so. I've posted a photo of sorts in my FB profile, which you guys might [or might not] find in the GBATemp FB group.

    To some people, this isn't a big deal, but it is to me. Just to be clear - I'm no neat freak, nor am I narcissistic, but I do care about my hair [my eyes too, but that's not the point here]. Ever since I can remember caring about it, I always loved my hair to be long, and was duly pissed at school regulations decreeing that the accepted length of boys' hair is, well, too short for my liking. That, and my hair always grew fast.

    So you can say I'm attached to each strand of my hair that once reached all the way to the small of my back. Now, I can barely cover my eyes with them. Well, since I can't get all that hair back now - or at least not for another couple months, maybe a year - I suppose I'll have to live with it.

    As to other things in my head, here's a quick roundup:

    - I wish it was August already, so I can go back to watching the EPL. GGMU!!!
    - Screw the NBA lockout. Darnit.
    - Why all these friggin mosquitoes here? Last night, the cockroaches were out in force, too. Urgh.
    - I should really get back to whatever I'm writing, LOL


    My mum says I can finally watch HP7 part 2... Next sunday. Well, better late than never. [insert "that's what she said" joke here]

    Until next time, mortals. And any fellow shinigami out there, if ever.


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