• Well, excuuuuse me, Philips! This is Nintendo's game!

    In the early days, before the world knew about the Super NES, Nintendo worked with Sony to try to make a disc-based console, what would presumably be the Nintendo Playstation. Instead, deals fell through, and Sony made this:


    Then, Nintendo struck a deal with Philips to try to make it happen, and that partnership was dissolved too, resulting in this:


    But after the release of the Philips CD-I shown above, Nintendo licensed their Zelda characters to be used in three CD-I games. Here are a series of humorous videos by YouTuber PeanutButterGamer which help explain the terrible quality of these games.

    Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon

    This is a two-part video, both linked here.

    Link: The Faces of Evil

    Zelda's Adventure

    Potential Remake?

    The games themselves, although very bad in comparison to other games, do have some good points. It was an attempt at making games for a fairly new format for video games (compact discs). The graphics were panned for poor art styles, but the animation affects are decent considering the age of the console. The live action in Zelda's Adventure could have been done better, although including any at all, during a time when live action in video games were limited, was pretty innovative.

    Could they be remade? Possibly, but they would have to be altered a bit. It seems to be taking inspiration from the Legend of Zelda segments of the Super Mario Bros. Super Show! animation. Although campy, the story lines could be kept mostly intact and worked into each other as a single game, similar to what TT Games did with LEGO LOTR (although they combined movies, not games), and keeping the TV show inspiration. Graphics, of course, would be greatly improved, and perhaps some adjustment on game play mechanics, as well.

    Not holding my breath on a remake, though. Still, it's a possibility.
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