• It's kind of obvious that I live in my parent's house because I'm a teen and my parents are really strict about what I could play. Well, my dad is the one who is pretty strict with what I play and he knows what games I should and shouldn't be playing because he is a Gamer himself. He's the one who got me into Console Modding and he also streams on Twitch! My mom doesn't care on what I should play because she doesn't really play games. I wouldn't say that my dad is REALLY strict about what I play because he allowed me to play games like FNAF when I was little.

    Everyone should know that game GTA, right? I really have a huge love for Open World Games. I could imagine countless hours playing GTA and doing whatever I want. The bad thing is that the game is 18+. I asked my dad for the game and you could already guess what he said. For some reason, he let me play GTA 1 & 2 but not 3. I was doing some Java courses at the time which I had to do 1 hour a day before I start gaming. One day, he gave me a deal that if I complete the Java Course, I can play the game.

    And that brings us where we are right now. I now have to do 5 hours of Coding a day to get some lessons done. It's not only that I have to finish the course, but I also need to make a program that he gives me to pass the test. It's going to be a hard journey to finish the course and master my Java skills. I'm glad to be on this journey to not only play GTA but master my Java skills and get a good job out of my skills.
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