RedoLane Long before we grew in numbers, before politics, before racism, and even before enslavement, humanity learned to conflict with each other. Violence, words, there are many ways to show their disagreement with the other person, but eventually, that conflict drove further by hatred. nations were built, cultures were created, and more continents were discovered.
What I mentioned at first are a few of the ways that were born from conflict, and ever since, the possibility of uniting the whole world together has become non-existent.

I live in a country, Israel, where we're in cruel conflict with other countries of the Middle East. At first, we were seeking peace...and we got it with 2 countries.
But not the rest, as history keeps repeating itself...we might never be in peace with them.

I live in a city that has been safe for over 3 decades. even when rockets fall in the neighboring cities, our army managed to destroy the only 2 rockets that were about to drop on our city.(that was 5 years ago)
But the fear still exists. even knowing that i'm in a safe place, I still worry. After all, these bastards could nuke our entire country easily, but that will instantly cause another world war.
Wiping an important country such as Israel would be one of the largest events in the entire history of humanity, and no one has the courage to manage that.
So the least they can do, is launch rockets over us, or send terrorists that will do a huge mess.

That is the most realistic state around here, and it gets really tough since this morning(you might seen it in the news, or not), but sadly, some countries are also in crucial times.

The world's fate as I see it, is endless conflict. what causes peace, will cause a new wave of conflict. it's impossible to have only of each. Some countries hate when other countries are at peace with each other. They fear their own destruction, when sometimes that's not really the intention of the other side.
Not even a world-ending meteor that would start falling down, would stop the conflict that humanity created, as they have different opinions on different matters.
However, while conflict exists, we're not in a state where every single country disagree with each other.
If you can find the people, the groups, or even those of authority, that they all accept and agree with your ideals, opinions, offers, then that's more than enough to feel alive, and stay alive.

The world is not fated to end, the world and it's people are only evolving further and further, whatever you see it for better or worse.
As we go forward into the future, we can understand how conflict forcefully involves us, and can decide whatever to take that as an opportunity to fight back, flee away, or remain frozen without an answer.
Personally, I think we need people that can help those on the latter, since as they are now, they are exposed to the terrors of death, manipulation, harassment, chaotic injustice....people need to help them come with an answer.
There's nothing wrong with running away, if it means that your life can be saved. whenever you leave someone behind, is a dilemma of it's own. Do you only think of your own safety, or do you instead only think of others' safety?
These questions are also a source of conflict, because whenever it is solved with violence or through debate, conflict is born from difference in opinions.
On the bigger picture, we work in a way that even our own thoughts are in conflict. whenever it's with other people, or with ourselves,
conflict is what helps us keep moving forward.

In a nutshell, Endless conflict might cause bloodshed, but it is also what keeps our blood running through our veins. we're using our full potential when we need to make a hard decision.
conflict causes the death of people, but it also what keeps them alive.


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