Luhof Yo !

Since Ubi conference at E3 2019 had almost no Rayman (not even rabbids), I'll just make a blog entry about the time I saw Michel Ancel.

So I live in Montpellier, a city I really love in south of France. One day, as I was riding my bike (this is my bike) through Jean-Jaur├Ęs street to go back to work after buying some delicious empanadas for lunch.

I saw a familiar face accompanied by a woman. The man seemed preoccupied and in a hurry. I ride a few more meters and then I realized who it was. Michel Ancel, of course. I turned back but he was no longer here.

Aaaaand that was the day I saw Michel Ancel.

(I like to tell this story because its uninteresting as hell but people are always glued to my lips when I talk about the Day I saw Michel Ancel.)

(I'm still mad at not recognizing him at first glance. Sometimes I make scenarios in my head where I stop him and slowly approach his ear and whisper give me Rayman 4 pls)
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