Uiaad So I have been putting off doing this for the last couple of days, even thinking about not posting anything at all.

You might be wondering what I'm waffling on about, well the thing is for about the last week I have actually been in hospital and tomorrow I go down for surgery. On my spine.
I should explain a little more about what's going on about 3 years ago i started getting pain in my shoulder, I just thought it was just an everyday ache and pain took a couple of paracetamol and got on with life. A couple of months later the pain was still there and now I had a constant, debilitating, never ending banging headache. I couldn't eat, I couldn't sleep, work was out of the question - I just couldn't concentrate and was making constant silly mistakes. I was given painkillers but with the levels I was on to actually dull the pain I still couldn't do anything.

After been poked and prodded, scanned and invaded over and over again, the doctors finally figured out what the problem was. There was a slipped disc in my neck pressing on the occipital nerve. I was then given the choice of two procedures. The first was as an injection in the affected area and should fix this issue and carried little to no risk or surgery which would also correct the issue but could potentially leave me paralyzed due to where they would be operating. I chose the injection. And well it worked. Life slowly went back to normal and thought no more about it.

Then a couple of weeks ago it all started again this time all pretty much instantly and I was in agony once more not being able to do anything and just existing rather than living. I went straight back on a high level of painkillers then last week after another scan I was told more or less I would be having surgery. I could keep on having the injections but chances are it would last less and less each time. I was told to go home grab some stuff and come back the same day and I would receive the surgery as soon as possible.

Seems like tomorrow's the day. They expect things to go well and should be straight forward, but don't they always.

I guess what I really want to say in this blog is should the worst happen, just thank you. I know I have never been the most active member of the community but still thank you for everyone for being so welcoming and inviting community.


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