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Seriously, what the fuck is this?

tldr: Clannad is cheesy, overhyped, overpopularized, and has one of the worst art styles in any show I have ever seen.

Last blog post got me in some pretty hot water so I’m trying to be a little bit more passive here to win some of my audience back.

I already wrote something like this for Spirited Away, and out of all my blogs, that seemed to get the least hate. So I’m going to try to make much less drama from now on.
Again, sorry for being such a dickhead.

Also, I’m talking about the ANIME, not the weird little click book thingy on steam.
Moving on, I watch a lot of hentai, right? So naturally when I want to watch regular anime, I always try to get the closest thing to hentai.
Like High School DxD, that anime is awesome.

I have floated so far down the eechi anime list on MyAnineList to the point where there dosent really exist any good eechis out there anymore. So I now I actually need to trust the sites judgement and see what they say is the best non-eechi anime is.

And look, anime dosent have to be hentai for me to enjoy it, Code Geass is my favorite anime ever and that is nowhere near eechi. Therefore, I thought it was worth it to give it a try and look on the “Top Rated” section to see what anime I should watch.

Most of the ones in the top 30 or so I have seen (except those dumb 600 episode anime’s that suck). Except for one: Clannad After Story.

I figured that if I was going to watch Clannad AS, then I should probably watch Clannad 1 before. So I did.
I got my friend Johnny to send me some mkvs and I was all set.

LET ME JUST SAY: Clannad After Story was good, not perfect, but genuinely good. Like an 9/10.
I still didn’t understand the whole thing with the robot and the snow but whatever, it was fine.
CLANNAD 1 HOWEVER was complete horse shit.

Let me explain,
First off Clannad’s artstyle is awful. Just look at the picture I attached. It looks like she has some sort of birth defect! Everyone’s eyes lie so far apart that it’s off putting. I know anime dosent always follow the golden ratio but Clannad is the only anime I’ve seen to really have a shitty artstyle.
It’s not like this is a small point, either. One of the main reasons anime is popular is because it’s appealing to the eye. So Clannad really lost a lot of points for me on that one.

But whatever. There’s countless hentai out there with bad artstyle but still are good. So i kept watching.

Saying that this show is slowly paced would be an understatement.

To put it in perspective, Code Geass has a really complicated setting, so obviously it would take a while to recap everything before the real plot begins. Yet, it managed to move the plot significantly foreword and provide atmosphere and implications for past events all in the same episode. That is awesome.

On the other hand, throughout all thirty-or-so episodes of Clannad, NOTHING FUCKING HAPPENS.
I could litteraly explain it in 2 sentences. Want me to prove it?

“A high school boy with a troubled home life becomes friends with an emotionally unstable girl. Together they meet friends and eventually fall in love.”

NOW HOLD ON. Obviously this isint every little detail of the show. But that’s because everything else (the blonde kid, fuko ibuki, etc.) is simply just filler. Pure filler.
Almost everything in Code Geass has some weight to it. Like Shirley’s crush on Lelouch, Lady Marriane, Kallen and her home life, every event isint just there for the cuteness or comic relief, it ACTUALLY MATTERS TO THE PLOT OF THE ANIME.

On the other hand, 85% of Clannad dosent even need to exist.
Without Clannad AfterStory, the story would be so dumb and unsatisfactory that it’s amazing that people consider both parts amazing.

Clannad 1 is the reason why I feel like so many people avoid anime.
Because the over the top cheesy moments and fire in combination with the artstyle make the whole experience uncomfortable and cringe.

You could argue that people avoid anime because the eechi stuff grosses then out, but to be honest American television has just as much of not MORE sexual fan service than anime does.
Walk into a movie theater anywhere to see the latest James Bond type action movie and there are tons of full on sex scenes, booty zoom in shots and scantily clad women. It’s actually irritating more than it is good.
Like at least with eechi they kind of own it. There’s no excuse to throw that kind of shit in Hollywood movies.

So that’s one thing I will give it credit for. Clannad dosent have that much sexually charged fan service. That would only further add to the filler that it possesses.

That said, it’s still an awful anime.

I WILL SAY THIS THOUGH: Clannad After Story makes up for it almost completely. It has the emotion, events and characters have more weight and depth to them, and it is pased much quicker to keep you interested. The first 5 or so episodes of ClannadAS are kind of lame though. It’s not the best thing ever, but it’s a special one, I give it a solid 9/10. Which is a very generous rating for having such a shitty first season.

Feel free to dissagree here, I watch hentai so my judgement is pretty fucked up anyway lol.

At the end of the day this post will just sink into the abyss of threads and be lost forever.

And who cares if one more light goes out?
(First person to get the reference will get a follow)

P.S: Again, I wanted to apologize to anyone I offended in my last blog. It really wasn’t meant to cause the kind of drama that it did. I’ll try to post more blogs like this instead of getting too personal from now on.
(In other words, please dont hate me Dionicio3 I didn’t mean to act like a dick to anybody).


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