• I completed the 3 questions 2 days ago and they weren't the actual test questions. My dad then gave me 10 questions and if I complete them, I would get the game. I forgot to mention that my dad is a Java Programmer too and has been studying it so he could help me if I stuck on a topic. Those 10 questions are really hard for a beginner. I could already see myself playing the game and doing whatever I want. It's been two days and I only got 2 questions done. I really thought that I would finish this next month but I was mistaken.:yay:

    Sometimes, I feel like it's wrong playing a game that rated M but I always cheer myself up because I'm going to earn that game. I'm working for the game and I'm not getting it out of the blue. Besides, when I'm 18, I won't have time to play the game because I'll be moving out and getting a job and going to College. It feels so wrong playing GTA that I'm going give myself some ground rules. One of them will be not to enter Explicit areas and set a time limit of game time each day. :)

    So it's going to take a lot of time to complete the questions but I hope you guys cheer me on. I also found out that I knew more Java from my course and I'm glad that I'm learning Java and starting a new hobby. ^_^
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