Starter choices are: Timburr, Shroomish, Darumaka
Grabbed Darumaka and hoooooly shit it's a beast.
Ability: Protean
Psychic type Sky Attack
Flying type Power Up Punch
Bug type Inferno
Poison type Charge Beam
Much better start!

Moving on after that first attempt without enough randomization I am back into the groove of insanity.
1st encounter was a Registeel and I caught it. (100% catch rate on first encounter...) it's name is Hit.
Darumaka's nickname is Danmachi.
Next encounter was Necrozma's new forme but I had just caught Registeel.
Moving on past all the cutscene crap, haven't lost a battle, which I must say... the difficulty is still just as hard as Supernova was meant to be.
Each battle without having access to a Mart is terrifying. I caught a Remoraid named Zea but it died during grinding. I made it to the Pokemon center and have taken out a few of the school peoples. Time to get some sleep but thought I'd update this.

If anyone does actually read this blog shit. Should I be doing this in separate blogs or just keep commenting on this one with updates?
Jan 5, 2018