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    Gah, I'm having the worst time at school with Latin. My old teacher has left for the rest of the year and a new teacher whom we call "Mr. Stultus" (stultus meaning stupid in Latin), is now king of the jungle. He's a total piece of shit to put it lightly.

    Currently class is like this:
    -Sit down and unpack.
    -He shouts at us for just saying one word to another person.
    -He starts 'teaching', making mistakes along the way.
    -A classmate puts his hand up, while he's quietly discussing the mistake with the guy next to him.
    -Teacher shouts at him and the correction is never made.
    -Someone else puts their hand up in an effort to point out the mistake.
    -Teacher also shouts at him and tells him to put his hand down.
    -Everyone gets back to work.
    -Someone's whispering and he shouts at them.
    -Nothing gets done.

    So in the end, even asking a friend a question (because this teacher's so bloody unreliable) will end up with you being shouted at and you thirsting for blood. I'm at wits end (as well as every other Latin student)! Me and a lot of other classmates are considering petitioning against him because of his inability to teach properly. Our old teacher managed to get us through one chapter of the text book in 2-3 weeks, this new teacher has taken 4 weeks and counting.

    What annoys me most though is that I was doing very badly at Latin until recently, when I suddenly had an age of enlightenment and understood everything. Then I got 58/65 for my last test and did pretty well. Then this teacher comes along and I forget everything I've learnt and I've lost all will and interest in learning Latin.

    In fact, me and my friends have gotten so bored that they've decided to teach me some proper Chinese... which I guess is more beneficial than Latin (since I'm Chinese).


    I wonder if we should petition against him tomorrow or give him another week...


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