• Ok, so I grew up in the age of stupid mobile games targeting children, and those were free. Small me thought "why would I buy games when I get the same enjoyment for free?". But now, sadly, I don't really have a specific nostalgic game, as I cycled often because games were free and I could get them at any time, and for the most part, none of them are good besides Minecraft, which leaves me with very little games that I played from my childhood that I want to play now. Hearing people talk about GC and Wii from their childhood makes me really regret not buying more games for the Wii I had as a child, instead of settling for shitty idle games. Every time I hear Scott the Woz talk about the early 2000s, it makes me feel sad that I don't have any good childhood games besides Galaxy. Does anyone else fell this way as well?
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