Jiehfeng Good but bad at the same time? Meh I dunno. But umm, it's a really great game, trust me.
The thing is, the matchmaking system is horrible; it pairs you with level 30+'s when you're just a 3 or a 4 or even a 1, which is pretty unfair; considering that the best weapons and abilities are unlocked at the higher levels, so it's not at all a welcoming experience for newcomers. I myself however managed through by using stealth and cheap tactics to my advantage, it works pretty well personally. I find it odd how all the high level fucks go after me in every damn level, yet I beat their fucking asses to the ground, splatted into the horizon... I find it that they do not have one single shred of dignity to come rampaging on with their big ass momma weapons and just try to own a newbie and get their asses kicked.

I've lost countless times as a team, but I somehow got a lot of kills on high level fucks with no life to play so much from day one to get THAT far level by level, but eh, guess that's life.
Screenshots coming soon for proof...

To summarize, maybe as a review of sorts. I'd say this game is really well made, just the matchmaking system needs a LARGE amount of improvement. Everything else is just right, I feel as if the community is just what's ruining the fun too, but if you play with a light mind, any game is fun; whether you win or lose...

For review sakes, I give it a 66.89/100.00 (scores lmao). ;D
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