Nerdtendo This has nothing to do with video games. That's why it's in a blog.

So last year, I was in a little musical called "Seussical". For those of you who don't know (and I expect none of you do) Seussical is a musical that is one massive amalgamation of all things Dr. Seuss. It also happens to be my favorite show of all time. The version we brought was a cut version because we had a 40 minute time limit but it was still a dream come true. Since a lot of us were emotionally attached to this show, we decided to do a "cast recording" in order to preserve it. It's no Broadway cast recording, but for a bunch of 12-18 year olds, I think we did a pretty hecking good job. I'm just gonna leave one song here because I am proud of it and want to share a piece of it.


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