• The WiiU was a good console
    Sonic 4 is good
    Madagascar 2 is the best one
    Minions are cringey and unfunny af
    I like motion controls
    I hate the PS4 controller
    I like the WiiU gamepad
    I think Shrek 4 is great and the 2nd best shrek (the best one is 1)
    Paper Mario Color Splash is good
    Incredibles 2 is pretty bad
    New Super Mario Bros. 2 isn't bad (it's just mediocre)
    The only good Despicable Me movie is the first one
    The first Despicable Me movie is the only good movie that Illumination made.
    Kirby isn't that bad in Smash Ultimate

    (i will constantly add more unpopular opinions here)


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