So it's been a while.

Uiaad By Uiaad, May 28, 2020 3 4

  • So it's been a while since I've really been around. Hope you haven't missed me too much because i'm not back yet.

    There's been a lot going on and not much being done about it.
    if you have read my previous blog from may you will know i had a nerve block. Long story short here, it didn't work. In fact it seems to have made things worse.
    Given that i'm pretty much maxed out on all of my current painkillers there's just no more wiggle room to provide me with any more pain relief. This is where the problem began, i noticed that my mood was shifting to more towards the antagonistic end of the spectrum.
    This did start making an appearance here on temp and irl so i withdrew. I really didn't think it would be for quite so long.
    I've always been the type of person that isn't easily upset and when i do get upset, you will be the last person to know about it. I've always managed to manage my anger internally and usually its a flash in the pan it's over.
    A couple of weeks ago i was put on a new drug with the aim of reducing my pain. and all was well .. for a couple of weeks and it got in my system. Suddenly i would go in to blind rages over nothing and this could last for hours. i became so aggressive it wasn't funny and I couldn't see the changes until i caught myself in the middle of one of these rages an put two and two together. I stopped taking those tablets on saturday. Since sunday i've barely slept. Perhaps 2 or 3 hours at most down to how much pain im in.

    There was a different part her but it got a bit too much.But right now i really just don't know what to do anymore. There doesn't seem to a light tunnel anymore and it just seems that everything i do to try and get my self back on my feet ends with me in a worse place than where i started.

    TLDR :: No idea when i'll be back properly right now

    Take care guys


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