• In April of 2019, I lost my grandmother to cancer. She was in remission, but slipped and fell down her stairs and suffered a pretty bad head injury. She was put into a medically induced coma to hopefully have her body focus on healing, but instead, the cancer took her life just two short days later. And although I miss her and I'm sad that she's gone, I'll never forget her. I was lucky enough to visit her one last time in summer of 2018. I live at the top of Oregon, and she lived at the bottom of Los Angeles in California. I knew that it would be my last time seeing her, so I prepared myself, and made damn sure I could spend all the time with her that I possibly could. So I guess I at least have that closure.

    Then, around the same time, my girlfriend was having very sharp pains in her lower abdomen. She ot seen my TWO doctors at the urgent care, and they both wrote it off as gas, or some other bullshit. Finally saw a GOOD doctor as the pains continued, and she said it could possibly be cancer. This ruined me, as I had JUST lost my grandma to that shit. So we scheduled a hysterectomy surgery, and thankfully it was just ovarian cysts. They took one ovary, left the good one, and removed a bunch of leftover scar tissue from her C-sections over 17 years ago. She was in pain for most of the summer as she healed, and depended on me for everything. It was difficult for us both, but I'd do it all over again in a heartbeat for her.

    Due to everything listed above, I did not have time to work much on MediCat for an April 2019 release. I also became very ill myself during the summer, further halting production. So I skipped a release, and I'm sorry about that. I had to get healthy again.

    Later in the Autumn month of October, I got wind that my great uncle had passed away from pneumonia complications. He was quite old in his 70's, and his age played a major factor. I didn't know him very well, but I visited him in the same California trip that I took in 2018 to see my grandma. He was my last stop up on our way back home. So I guess I got some closure there too. My family is VERY small, so losing family members REALLY hurts, and I lost two last year.

    My brother has been prone to seizures these last 10 years or so, and he had a major one on Christmas morning. It happened at his house, and he could feel it coming on early enough to move onto the couch, and have his wife hold him in place until it was over. He then slept for an hour and a half, because those drain you of all energy. He was able to get up, catch a ride to my mom's house, and we still had christmas, but that was scary for all of us.

    And now the Icing on the cake - My friend's daughter (Allyson Watterson) is missing, and has been since December 22nd. I'm worried that her piece of shit boyfriend might have killed her, or that she might have become a victim of human trafficking. She still hasn't been found, and it's been turning my stomach ever since. I'm worried sick about her well-being. Her mom Misty isn't taking it well at all. Allyson and Misty are like BFFs, they're very close. They're each-other's worlds. And Allyson has just been plucked from their lives and there's nothing to go by. No witnesses seeing her, no clues found where she was seen last, search teams have come up empty-handed. Her boyfriend is in jail for unrelated charges (credit card fraud, car theft, among other stuff). I'm sure he knows where she is, or what happened to her.

    My job has become somewhat a hostile environment to work in now, with new managers slave-driving my crew and I. The work keeps piling on, but the pay doesn't, so I think it's time to get out soon. My first goal this year is to get out of this shitty apartment and into a bigger place. Once I'm all moved in and settled, I'll be refinancing my car, and looking for new work that isn't so stressful and pays more than minimum wage. Those are my 3 short-term goals for this Spring.

    So yeah... 2019 was not kind to me, and I'm hoping 2020 will be a better year.


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