• Damn, that title sounds... like... something.

    Anyway, yeah. I rarely dream anymore, or at least I rarely remember my dreams anymore. Before yesterday [Philippine time, folks] the last dream I remember was... well, truth be told, I'd forgotten it, too.

    This recent one ended up in a street somewhere near where we live; I've passed through it hundreds, perhaps thousands of time, and I could summon the image with little effort. I've forgotten how the dream ended up there, but that's not the point [or maybe it's related, I dunno].

    So there were people there, as there should be in any normal street in an urban area. They were talking, and some construction was happening, and there was this guy getting a tattoo [I know, makes no sense, but it's a dream]. And then suddenly, with such graphic clarity, everything started to... explode, I guess you'd say. To be a smudge more accurate, everything fell apart and radiated in an outward manner, annihilating everyone around. Got it?

    You know how in CSI, they have these 3D reproductions of how the crime happened, or in Final Destination or SAW, you see people get ripped apart? It was like that. Except it was real. To me it was, anyway.

    And the kicker was, the last thing I saw was this metallic, sort of automated machine, it had fingers [or whatever equivalent of fingers machines have] holding a blank card, and it was tattooing the ace of spades onto it, then it flung the card toward me, like a shuriken, I suppose.

    That woke me up. I sat straight up [kind of like the Undertaker when he no-sells the other guy's finisher] and I was all like" wtf?!?" cold sweat and all.



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